Anna Mirza Janczy

Legal Administrator

As a forward-thinking technology specialist and database administrator Anna uses her creative, analytical mind to brainstorm innovative solutions for this firm and our clients.  She functions as a legal administrator for the Law Offices of Kelly, Kelly & Kelly providing estate planning, tax preparation and real estate services to clients amongst other services.

Anna assists attorneys and clients with collaborative technology support and training, real estate buy/sell agreements, research, database administration, graphic design services, marketing strategies and more.

Anna’s background is in the financial services arena, having spent almost 5 years at UBS in the banks’ wealth management division as an executive team member responsible for directing strategic firm initiatives such as creating and managing a digital web presence for advisors and executives alike. As the corporate social advocate, she highlighted the misunderstood power of social innovation. She also led social engagement cross divisionally and preformed magic routines on the fly for events.

A native of Wilmette, Illinois Anna graduated magna cum laude with bilingual degrees in Economics and Finance from the University of Illinois here in Chicago. She is fluent in business Spanish and currently resides in Chicago.