Post Death Assistance (“Probate”)

After a client passes away our firm takes on the post-death administration of the deceased's estate either through the probate court or by means of trust administration. We oversee payment of the deceased's last medical bills, funeral bills, payment of taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, that is, the payment of final personal taxes (Form 1040), post-death income tax returns (Form l 041), and in certain cases, federal estate tax returns (Form 706). We then administer the distribution of assets to the beneficiaries of the estate.

These services include:

• Where probate is involved, the filing of all court documents on behalf of the executor.
• Inventory of personal property and financial assets.
• Gathering those assets into a single account.
• Sale of residence and personal possessions as may be needed.
• Liquidation of assets for eventual distribution.
• Preparation and payment of all final bills, funeral expenses, and administration expenses.
• Estimation of all taxes owed and payment of these taxes.
• Preparation of final personal, fiduciary and estate tax returns for the client.
• Preparation of final accounting for the estate or trust.
• Distribution of assets to beneficiaries, either outright or in trust.
• Assisting individual beneficiaries with financial and tax planning for monies received from the deceased's estate.